Rigorous, meticulous and conscientious — Xu Renbo, the steam turbine driver of power plant power plant

Xu Renbo is an ordinary employee in power plant. Since he entered the factory in 2014, he has worked diligently and steadily, and has made outstanding achievements in his job.

In his regular work, he is a conscientious person, with a rigorous work, always thinking positively, trying to solve the problem, considering how to avoid similar problems in the future, and often put forward his own rationalization advice and help the work to proceed smoothly. Because of his rigorous and meticulous, Xu Ren wave found the lack of equipment many times in the tour inspection. It has made great contributions to the safe and stable production of the workshop.

“Safe operation in the power industry is the key. Whether the unit can be safe, stable, economical and continuous depends on the professional knowledge and skill level of the operator. In the years of work practice, Xu Renbo has trained the ability of a body, whether it is the power system professional knowledge or the principle of the turbine work, the actual operation skills, Xu Renbo is very familiar with the road, control skill.”

Although the position is not high, but he loves work and dedication, rigorous work; despite his ordinary position, he has always been conscientious and hard working. Xu Renbo is such an excellent employee who is obscurity but shining everywhere. His quality and quality work not only makes his own contribution to the workshop and the company, but also makes his work life richer, more substantial and more meaningful.