JianBang Group holds the meeting of Indonesia joint venture:“PT. Tencore Metal Indonesia” to promote mobilization meeting

On the afternoon of May 21st, the project promotion mobilization meeting of PT. Tencore Metal Indonesia has been held in the conference room of the 4th floor of the special steel office building. The general manager of the group, Zhang Rui, deputy general Liu Liqiang, the team of the Indonesian joint venture company and the head of the company related departments attended the mobilization meeting, and the mobilization will be chaired by the head of human resources Wang Guopeng of the group. At the meeting, Wang Guopeng, on behalf of the group company, announced the joint venture of the group company with the DP company of Indonesia – the organizational structure and personnel appointment of PT. Tencore metal Indonesia. Then Yu Ping, the general manager of Tencore introduced the progress of company.

“The executive vice president Liu Liqiang, Tencore ‘s newly appointed management, the representatives of various departments and the employees who were going to overseas made a statement. Finally, Zhang Rui, the general manager of the representative group, went to the cadres of the Tencore.”

Work to express my heartfelt blessing and give praise, Zhang pointed out that the establishment of Indonesia Tempus company is a strategic move towards Jianbang Group of multinational companies, is a positive response in the country to vigorously promote the Belt and Road Initiative strategy under the background of the national policy, has a very bright prospect and important strategic significance, It is hoped that the founding members of the country should keep in mind the mission, work hard, work hard, forge ahead, develop and innovate, display the good features and qualities of the people of the construction states in the foreign country, work out a new world, open a new face and excellent achievements to open the multinational operation of construction state and move towards the international development road. The new era of road.