Be an enterprising and hardworking employee — Sheng Hongquan

Sheng Hongquan was a young electric master. After graduating from school in 2010, he joined the big family of gadang group. When he entered the factory, he was still a childish student, but his choice of electrician was a specialty of high technical precision. Facing the pressure of work, he quickly adjusted his state. In other people’s rest, he took up the technical books to study and studied. He did not know where he would not be able to ask the teacher. He quickly grasped the operation technology of the post, but he understood that as a new age electric employee, he was far from enough energy and had a good ability to do a good job.

“We must learn from production practice and take the road of combining knowledge with practice. He insisted on studying in the middle school, doing middle school, and breaking the casserole in the end. After working, he read a lot of theoretical knowledge related to the job and laid a solid foundation for the smooth work of his work. As he said, he never allowed himself to be technically outdated.”

With the continuous promotion of the company’s management, the company encouraged small changes of small leather, repair and waste, Sheng Hongquan responded positively to the call, always put “saving” in the first place when taking part in the maintenance, he always helped the repair workers to repair the repair as much as possible, and can not be repaired as a matching part. Truly, “repairing the old and making good use of it, saving energy and reducing consumption.”

He often uses himself as an aggressive and practical employee to encourage himself. He is active in his work, accepts new things quickly, has high enthusiasm and enthusiasm. He has really played a leading role and won the high praise of the leaders and colleagues.