A vigorous and militaristic style of work — Yang Xiaolong, a mechanic in the smelting workshop of ironworks

Yang Xiaolong is a mechanic in the flux workshop. As a retired serviceman, he is diligent in learning, hardworking, and loving his job. He still has a strong military tradition in his work, and has trouble with the equipment. The telephone will always be the first time to get to the scene and carry out the repair work quickly. His vigorous working style and ability to deal with equipment failures were unanimously praised by leaders and colleagues.

“He often said: if you want to learn more professional knowledge, you should have a low profile of “not to ask”, “respectfully and respectfully”, to better learn what you want to learn. In the past few years, he studied actively and actively.”

On the one hand, he strengthened the professional knowledge of his own equipment maintenance. On the other hand, he took root to produce the site of maintenance and repair. He developed excellent welding and fire cutting skills, and grew up as a mainstay of the workshop by an ignorant apprentice worker. The expression of the eye.