Jianbang Group organized annual outstanding employees to travel to Bali

Recently, the last batch of outstanding employees and family members of the Jianbang Group embarked on a journey to Bali for a 9-day tour. Along the way, we visited the Ubud Palace, Urutuwa Cliff, Poseidon Temple. Jimbaran Beach, Lembongan Island and other famous attractions. In a foreign country, we fully integrated ourselves into the beautiful scenery of nature, enjoyed Indonesia’s charming style and felt the cultural differences of a foreign country. At every scenic spot, we went sightseeing and took photos interestedly, leaving the most beautiful moments.

“At this point, Jianbang Group’s travel plan for outstanding employees drew a full stop. The Company always adheres to the people-oriented development concept and hopes to build a career platform for each employee so that everyone can enjoy their charm on this stage. Jianbang Group organizes a variety of cultural and artistic activities every year to relax employees’ busy body and mind. This year, the Company took this humanistic care to a new level”

It successively organized five batches of employees and their families to travel to five well-prepared tourist routes including Zhangjiajie, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand and Europe. This series of tourism activities not only relieved the employees of their usual work stress and nervousness, but also cultivated their sentiments, enhanced team cohesion and employees’ sense of corporate identity. We believe that through this series of tourism activities, everyone will devote to the later work with higher enthusiasm and return to the Company’s sincere concern with their own practical actions.